We love all JS

Dear Dr. Deeksha , Sonia , Neelam , Matuta

Thank you very very much of the great news. We are over joy when we read Sonia’s email about our surrogate mother pregnancy test which is positive.
We couldn’t sleep last night and we were checking our emails every minute. When we read the email and the lovely warm wishes from Sonia and Matuta we got very emotional which my wife cried of joy.
We couldn’t know how to express our self to thank all of New Life India and Georgia and all their staff for what have done and what they are doing to bring smile on hundreds of intended parents faces.
We are very grateful for Dr. Deeksha – Angels maker, she is really great.
Our hope now that the pregnancy get boosting and the fetus grow and healthy , good baby come to our life.
We ask you a favor that you look after our surrogate mother because she is our hope of keeping the baby grow stronger and healthier. Please pass our regards and thanks to her and we never forget her great job that is doing for us.

Our regards to all of you and we hope that we will see you again in New Delhi in next year on God will.