Success Rate

New Life India Success Rate

In IVF, it depends upon a number of factors whether a pregnancy would succeed or not chiefly upon the quality of the clinic, health and medical profile of the customer. Comparison of success is not easy. Age is a factor, of course, where younger women undergoing IVF has a greater chance of success. However, in New Life India, we extend the same quality and dedicated service to all customers both young and aged irrespective of their background. Our focus is on personalized care for the customers. For achieving perfection, we suggest individualizing of estimation of anticipated success.

We are proud with our high success rate of 60 % to 70 %, which is quite high and this achievement in infertility treatment had drawn numerous customers to New Life India from home and abroad. Our high success rate can be attributed to a combination of factors like getting ourselves updated on latest technologies, upgradation of knowledge and skill and delivery of services with utmost personalized care.

However, to get cent percent success it is very difficult to predict with accuracy as it depends on other factors also such as:

  • For how long you are running infertile.
  • Reason for infertility.
  • Age
  • hereditary profile
  • Total number of embryos transferred to the uterus. More the number of embryos more are the chance of success.
  • Whether the embryos are fresh or frozen
  • Quality and number of sperms in action.
  • Reaction to ovarian stimulation.
  • Quality of the laboratory and monitoring devices
  • Level of quality control in laboratory
  • Competence of the IVF team

However, success with New Life India is quite encouraging considering the above factors. We strive for the minimization of failure and ask our customers to be realistic in their approach and have confidence in us following our instructions with religious regularity. It is good news that most of our customers succeed with the very first IVF attempt though we recommend three attempts to increase the probability of success.
At the very outset of IVF, we go for a methodical evaluation that how successful would the pregnancy turn out to be picking up individual cases.

At New Life India, our rapport with the customers is very transparent and we guide them through every stage of the IVF. Our consultants advise them about dos and don’ts, which needs to be followed methodically. A wonderful combination of our dedicated efforts and your cooperation is bound to result in a successful pregnancy followed by the birth of a child.