HIV Positive Intended Parents

In New Life India, we have every support and medical facilities for extending infertility treatment to HIV positive patients so that they can have a baby of their own. Needless to say, the treatment is top grade as we are the global leaders in infertility treatment in India and allied services connected with human reproduction and embryology. We do not make any discrimination between HIV and non HIV parents in India as we believe the former have a right to have a child of their own and spin a family network.

Considering the social alienation that the disease has caused devastating the mental strength of the patient and collapsing his biological immunity system, New Life India is even more keen on giving the HIV infected parents the best infertility treatment in India possible be it IVF, ICSI, surrogacy and egg donation services or PGD procedures.

HIV virus is bad enough, and once it gets an entry into your bloodstream the first thing it does is it totally destroys the immunity system. Initially, it doesn’t show its lethal power and has the capacity to stay dormant until the advent of favorable environment inside your system when it shows its true colors. It cripples your immunity system taking full control over the important components of the system such as T cells of C D cells.

After this, it gradually spreads into your system by self replication and destroys the C D 4 cells in its entirety. The victim loses the potential to combat the assault of infections. He turns vulnerable to diseases and even a simple ailment like fever can kill the victim.

Since HIV virus can be transmitted from the infected parents to the embryos and from there to the surrogate mother and the fetus growing inside her, New Life India takes utmost precaution in every stage of the infertility treatment so that the baby born doesn’t inherit the disease from the biological parents.
The good news is the HIV virus doesn’t infect the sperm cells as such. They stay suspended in the seminal fluid as living microscopic entities. Taking advantage of the fact we take up sperm washing, which is a highly advanced medical procedure.

The sperm cells are neatly separated from the rest of the seminal fluid and thus made free from HIV virus that might have contaminated the embryos produced by IVF. For a successful implementation of high precision technology of sperm washing, New Life India has a dedicated team to monitor and carry out the entire procedure. Our legal and administrative staffs would take care of the legal and social aspects of infertility treatment.