Family planning services

Family planning services

New Life India provides family planning services to customers with able guidance as to the best contraception method that should be selected for keeping their family size at the optimum level. We also advice our customers ways to adopt protective measures against sexually transmitted infections. There are a number of sexually transmitted diseases that doesn’t manifest as an external symptom.

However, symptoms like secretion of fluids from genital organs must be tested meticulously to see if any sexually transmitted diseases (STD) have set inside your system. Our nurses and doctors at New Life India would put you through examinations to prove or disprove the presence of any STD. The customer will have to answer a series of questions honestly in connection with their lifestyle to diagnose and cure the disease.
For locating female STDs, our specialists would recommend swab tests. The customers are subjected to a variety of tests including blood and urine test and internal examinations if required. The results will be declared within a week and are guaranteed accurate.

Male STDs will be detected through a few tests, which may include examining the male reproductive organs to see if any infection exists. We will need to collect a sample of urine, which will be sent away to our laboratory for testing. Besides blood test and oral swab tests, anal swabs and urethral swabs will also be put to test.
You can expect the results from New Life India’s laboratory within a week. We recommend the subsequent treatment procedures for treating sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

Among family planning services extended by New Life India, pregnancy testing and counseling, helping clients achieve pregnancy, fundamental infertility solutions and preconception health services are the chief areas targeted.

New Life India with its brilliant team of gynecologists and infertility experts have aided couples achieve their targeted number of children with desired spacing in between births ensuring that all babies born are healthy. We also do our best to recommend safety measures to prevent miscarriages and also offer a full range of contraceptives for couples desirous of avoiding pregnancy. All our procedures conform to the legal and social framework in India, and the issues are dealt efficiently by our legal experts and administrative officers.