Egg Donation

New Life India -Egg donors

For a number of reasons women who are otherwise mentally and physically healthy may not have enough potential of producing eggs capable of being fertilized by her partner’s sperms or by the sperms of a sperm donor. The eggs produced may lack in potential or the number of eggs produced may be of low count to be effectively fertilized by male sperms. In such cases, an egg donor’s services are required who will be able to produce more healthy eggs capable of being fertilized.

These egg donors in India are meticulously examined and carefully prepared medically so that they can deliver their services effectively thereby enhancing the chances of a successful pregnancy and consequently a child birth.

We have a comprehensive and extensive database of healthy egg donors in India who fall within the age group of 18 to 35 years with a successful track record. Before getting entry into our database, the egg donors in India are thoroughly screened for their physical and psychological capacity. A number of medical and blood tests are carried out before the egg donor in India is certified fit to donate eggs.

However, the legal stand relating to egg donors in India is flexible. The egg donor’s identity is not restricted to anonymity. The intending parents can select egg donors according to their preferences. The egg donor’s database is open to customers with their photo identity and personal information. While talking about egg donor preference, New Life global network expects, in India there may be customers having an inclination for Caucasian egg donors. If such is the case, the customers need to have a contact with our franchises in Georgia and in Ukraine. A joint project is required with these franchises to have an access to Caucasian egg donor database and the infertility specialists at New Life India would organize the program including travel schedules. Full cooperation and coordination will be extended to intending parents seeking infertility treatment in New Life India and at the same time on a hunt for a Caucasian egg donor.

Once the selection of your egg donor in India is complete and all the contract documents signed, New Life India will guide you throughout each and every stage of egg donation program in India to see your dream of getting a fertilized egg comes true. Regarding any social and legal issues in the Indian context, our legal experts and administrative staff would guide you suitably.