Our Guaranteed Program

At New Life India, we make it a point that the intending childless couples who come knocking at our doors go back smiling all the way carrying the most cherished desire of their lives in their arms, that is their own baby whose arrival to this world has been made possible by the untiring and dedicated effort of our team. This close interaction with the intending parents has made one thing clear to us that they are in a frantic quest for guaranteed success. Most of these parents had faced repeated failures and were on the verge of mental frustration for carrying an agony of childlessness and social withdrawal for so long a time. Now, they desperately seek a solution to their infertility issue with some kind of assured finality. We are always accessible and everyone is most welcome and should feel free to contact us with their suggestions and recommendations for further improvement in our services. We respect all the views.

Keeping in view the fulfillment of desire of intending parents we have introduced a novel program in surrogacy and egg donation services at New Life India. We have launched and developed an innovative Guaranteed Program that ensures the intending parents with a certain degree of assurance which the ordinary infertility treatment programs did not accommodate. It is true although it sounds too good a proposal that the intending parents pay only once and that will be only when they get their own baby delivered to them.

However, there are certain eligibility criteria for the guaranteed program at New Life India which need to be qualified. They are as hereunder:

  1. All intending parents irrespective of their background may apply if they are interested.
  2. The parents should give their consent to share donors’ eggs with other parents and must be willing to select egg donors from among 7 to 8 egg donors initially selected by us.
  3. There is a double surrogacy scheme where the embryos will be transferred to two surrogate mothers. For multiple pregnancy and birth, the intending parents should shoulder the responsibility and expenses for all pregnancies and births. If they are willing to take the financial burden of only one and not more babies, they must confer a right on New Life India to adopt other babies. Embryo reduction is allowed only if the surrogate mother gives birth to more than two babies.
  4. Parents should be willing to carry out the program thrice until desired result materializes.
  5. As the egg donors are shared and a pool of intending parents needed, the programs should be executed three to four times in a year.
  6. The Guaranteed program fee is 60000 USD if one surrogate mother conceives and 70000 USD if two conceive.