Surrogacy Services in India

Surrogacy Services

In India, by legislation gestational surrogacy is an approved medical service to achieve the birth of a baby. Again by law only heterosexual couples may travel on a surrogate visa seeking an infertility treatment through surrogacy services in india. New Life India would organize the entire infertility treatment project for the customers free from any hassles, find the right surrogate mother and monitor closely with utmost care the development of pregnancy and childbirth. The surrogate child is genetically related to the biological parents as the sperms from the biological father and the eggs from the biological mother will be fused outside the body of the biological mother and the fertilization will ensue in a highly monitored laboratory ambience. New Life India aims to offer best surrogacy services in India.

This advanced medical procedure is known as in-vitro fertilization technology by which fertilized eggs will give birth to embryos. The embryos created by IVF are tested and certified by Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) method for any genetic deformities or chances of diseases being transmitted. The embryos, which pass through PGD test, are then placed inside the uterus of the surrogate mother. New Life India has a comprehensive and large database of healthy and young surrogate mothers with a good potential and track record of carrying pregnancies, and she should have at least one child of her own. The database of surrogate mothers record their physical and mental health, their medical and family history, social background, level of education and interests or if they are into smoking and drinking. Our staffs at New Life India are in constant touch with the surrogate mothers and hence the information regarding their background and personal profile are always updated.

It may happen that one of the parents fails to produce potential eggs or sperms in which case an egg donor or a sperm donor is hired. Still the embryos resulting from the IVF aided fertilization has a blood relation with the surrogate child. The surrogate mother acts as a healthy carrier of pregnancy and she is in no way generally related to the surrogate child she would give birth. However, the surrogate mother never claims to be the mother of the child born. The birth certificate carries the names of just the intending parents. Any litigation arising from claim of parenthood of the child is efficiently handled by our legal experts. Needless to say, the verdict will always be in favor of intending parents.

New Life India’s surrogate mothers are aged between 18 – 35 years, and we can provide unmarried, widowed or divorced surrogate mothers where the intending parents legally need an unmarried surrogate mother. A contract is signed between intending parents and the surrogate mother where the parents agree to pay her professional fees and compensations including expenses on her food.