New Life India-FAQ’s

New Life India has been experiencing frequent queries from intending parents regarding issues concerning infertility treatment. Based upon these experiences we have devoted a page on FAQ’s. The model queries and their answers would be on the following lines:

How do we (intending parents) contact you?

We have a very comprehensive website for you to browse and get our contact links. You may shoot your questions right here or you may even drop mails in the e-mail address of our contact persons, which are available in our website.

Do you have an online brochure to be filled in by us?

New Life India has an online form which you need to fill up. Give as much detail as possible of yourself so that we get a crystal clear perspective of your case. Detailed information will help us to serve you better.

How fast do we expect to get the replies from you?

Your queries will be responded within 24 hours. Our responses to your queries will be comprehensive and straight to the point.

How do we proceed about the infertility treatment program?

Depending upon the program package you have selected, you and your partner will have to go through a number of tests. The test results would decide if you could safely start with an infertility treatment program. Not necessarily you need to come all the way to New Life India’s clinic to get these tests done. If you are an overseas customer, you may do these tests locally and send us the scanned copies of reports. However, when you come to us for actual treatment we will need those reports in original.

As revealed by tests my female partner’s eggs are perfectly ok but she is unable to conceive. How do we go about it?

In this case, you need to hire a surrogate mother’s service who would lend her womb for a fee to be borne by you. Her food and lodging expenses will also be on your account. We have a comprehensive database of healthy surrogate mothers from where you may select your candidate.

My husband / wife is incapable of producing healthy sperms /eggs. What is the solution?

Here you will need to hire the service of a healthy egg/ sperm donor from our extensive database containing their physical and mental health records. You will have to bear the egg/ sperm donation fees plus the expenses relating to their food and stay.

I am an HIV positive. Can use your infertility services?

Yes, of course. We treat customers with dedication and expertise of the highest order irrespective of their background.

Whose name will the birth certificate of the baby carry as parents?

The birth certificate will carry the names of intending parents only as biological parents of direct blood relation.

What is the guarantee of success?

We have special guaranteed program where you pay only after having your baby. Two surrogate mothers would be involved and you have to bear the expenses of both.