IVF Services

New Life India offers a unique service of In-vitro fertilization technology (IVF) where the fusion of male and female gametes takes place inside a highly monitored laboratory environment instead of mother’s womb. The eggs and sperms who take part in this fertilization process are selected by New Life India with meticulous perfection so that only the sperms and eggs with high reproductive potential are allowed.

We in New Life India have observed that numerous couples as well as singles who have been diagnosed almost incapable of having a baby had been through other infertility therapies like intrauterine insemination procedure, ovulation induction and reproductive surgery but with no positive results. However, for them it is not the end of the world as now they need a deviation in the procedural approach to infertility treatment in which Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is the most promising method with very high success records. This procedure encompasses in-vitro fertilization technology (IVF in India), surrogacy, egg donation and other laboratory aided treatments that are targeted towards cent percent success. We at New Life India have taken the IVF treatment in India to a very high level of professional expertise, which is far more superior to what other clinics have on offer.

New Life India monitors the entire process of IVF in India and helps trigger the ovulation process by collecting ovum or egg from the egg donor because the biological mother is incapable of producing enough eggs of desired potentiality to get fertilized by male sperms and hence the egg donor walks into the scene. Ambience as is strictly required as per medical norms is prepared in a laboratory so that sperms can fuse with the eggs and fertilize them. The fertilized eggs known as zygotes are cultured offering them a suitable medium and an ambient temperature and light to promote their growth. New Life ‘s infertility treatment in india with the team supervises each and every stage of this complex process with clockwork precision.

After a spacing of 2 to 6 days, the zygotes that have grown into embryos by now are implanted inside the uterus of a surrogate mother who has been selected after a thorough screening with respect to her medical, physical and physiological potential. In India, gestational surrogacy is perfectly legal. IVF techniques in New Life India are used in gestational surrogacy where the resulting child born after implantation of embryos inside the carrier is genetically unrelated to the surrogate mother.

In IVF, practiced by New Life India, donated sperms are sometimes used when the male partner is incapable of producing healthy sperms. The entire process of IVF in India conforms to the local legislations in force and in line with social norms. Any issue arising here would be successfully dealt with by our legal and administrative experts.