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New Life India, just like its franchisees operating across the globe, is a leader in Assisted Reproductive technology and other related services. We operate with hundred percent dedication and commitment through our doctors, specialists and other medical and non medical staffs. Providing quality services to childless couples enabling them expand a family is our motto.

Why New Life ?

When it comes to infertility treatment, New Life is the right clinic to choose as we are the global leaders. Our team is qualified and dedicated offering you personal guidance through the program. The prices are affordable without compromising the quality of treatment. We can arrange Caucasian egg donors and we don’t deprive egg donors and surrogate mothers of their fees. Payments for our packages can be made in stage wise easy terms.

Why India ?

In India, the intending parents have a wide option to seek infertility treatment services from a number of clinics operating with efficiency. The cost of infertility treatment is much lower compared to other clinics in the west although the quality of treatment is equally good as in any part of the world where New Life network operates. In India, the payment terms are stage wise and easy with no registration fees.


In-vitro fertilization technology (IVF) is one of the most significant parts of assisted reproductive technology (ART) when the couples fail biologically to have a baby. In New Life India, we select healthy egg donors for collection of eggs. These eggs are fertilized by male partner’s sperms in a controlled laboratory environment. The resulting embryos are implanted in..


Heterosexuals are permitted couples to travel on a surrogate visa in India. The surrogate child is genetically related to biological parents as the sperms and eggs from them are fused by IVF and fertilization is achieved. The fertilized embryos are placed in the uterus of a healthy surrogate mother who is selected by rigorous screening, to achieve pregnancy and birth.

Egg Donation

New Life India provides excellent egg donation services. Biological mothers to a surrogate baby are incapable in this case to produce eggs healthy enough for being fertilized by sperms. They require the service of egg donors who are healthy and young and selected carefully before they enter New Life India’s egg donors database to deliver their service with satisfaction.


Embryos created by IVF are not necessarily transferred to the surrogate mother’s uterus, but those can be preserved in laboratory in frozen state and the procedure is called Cryopreservation. Stored in liquid nitrogen, the quality of these cryo-preserved embryos never falls. They survive to the blastocyst stage. New Life India has excellent laboratory facilities for quality cryopreservation.

Infertility services

New Life India provides top grade infertility services to intending parents to fulfill their desire of having own children. The services include in-vitro fertilization technology (IVF),ICSI, PGD ,cryopreservation of embryos, egg donation and surrogacy services. All these services are delivered with efficiency and dedication. Besides in the non medical segment we provide competent legal and administrative..

Success rates

Although it is difficult to predict success in infertility treatment due to a lot of factors intervening, New Life India’s success rate is quite high touching 60 % to 70 % of the total admissions. Chiefly, success rate depends upon age and health of the couple but we have enhanced it by employing latest technologies, updating knowledge and skills and taking personalized care of the customers.

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Dr. Mariam Kukunashvili | Founder/Director

Our co-founder is Dr. Mariam Kukunashvili who is a very qualified doctor of international reputation. She has a long experience in embryology, infertility treatment and in the intricacies of human reproduction. She herself had experienced infertility issues in her life and, therefore, is bent on finding a solution for childless couples turning them into proud and happy parents.

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Setting up a franchise of New Life network in India has its own merits, which immensely benefits intending parents. Gestational surrogacy is absolutely legal in India. Upon the birth of the baby, the birth certificate bears the names of intending parents only.

Our Guranteed Program

To meet the desire of intending parents for sure-fire success, we have designed innovative guaranteed programs that promise a degree of certainty in success. They don’t pay unless they have a child by our support.

Our Credibility

The credibility of New Life India just lies in the words of the customers, and for this we need not beat the drums of triumph to prove a point.

"We are very thankful to the New Life India for having helped us realize our wish.Dr. Deeksha and her team run a very professional setup and they take care of all aspects of what can be a stressful and uncertain journey. We wholeheartedly recommend aspiring parents to seek their advice and care."

− A Couple from USA

"I wanted to send you an update on our 2nd surrogacy cycle. With the grace of God and all the hard work put by the Dr. Deeksha and your team, we have been blessed with twins who were born a few days ago. A boy and a girl. Both of them are healthy and doing well."

− A.B fromUSA

"We would like to thank you for all the support and attention you have given us, it is all much appreciated!"

− Y & D from Israel

"What wonderful news! We are thrilled beyond words and will look forward to updates throughout this journey.
We send our warmest regards and appreciation to all of you."

− J.P