T from USA

Dear New Life India,
I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the team at New Life India in assisting me with my 2 perfectly beautiful boys. I am truly grateful that the boys will join my gorgeous daughter who is already 1 year old.


Each of you at New Life have made this miracle possible!

Dr Deeksha, you have incredible patience and immense knowledge at times when needed. Your generosity with your time and helpfulness is truly appreciated especially answering calls out of hours and advising and assisting with aftercare medical issues in my first experience when every newborn malaise seemed huge and scary. You were there to hold my hand.

You have the expertise to make my miracle a reality with my boys, choosing the right path along the way. I shall think of you with much fondness as I see my children grow.

Ms. Sonia Arora and your team behind New Life gave much information along the way during the pregnancy and reported accurately and with speed the details of the reports. This was so important when I was halfway around the world and across opposite time zones. You offered a calmness amidst unchartered waters.

Lastly, Matuta, who was there for me from the start to the finish. You gave such reassurance during the early days. I am not sure if you know how much that meant when it all seemed so removed. There were a lot of emotional highs and lows, especially with logistic and bureaucratic tangles but you patiently guided me through it with great support.

Thank you.