Hi Matuta,

Thanks for email, we just got home yesterday.

Our experience in India and with the clinic was really great, everything was run well and we were kept informed, and we definitely got that ‘personal’ feeling where we were never rushed out and happy to chat with us and answer any questions and discuss any issues that could arise from using egg donor/surrogacy, even when baby is older. We were very happy with Dr Deeska who we felt really wanted to help us, and after 7 years of me trying and 11 failed IVF cycles, I felt that she would love to be the Dr who made our dreams come true.

I was very happy to have chosen New Life India, and we even briefly met our egg donor who was so pretty and exactly how I imagined her.

There were no hidden surprises, everything was exactly as I was told and expected.

Now we are just praying we get good news soon!