G and L from Australia

Dear Neelam And Sonia,
Hi, It’s Linton Here. OH… MY… GOD!!! Really is it true, Wow. Yes, was my first expression when i heard the most fantastic news of the day.Eagerly waiting,hoping,wishing and praying for what was about to be the day of yes or no, but once again and again OH MY GOD…… TWINS!!! and on our first attempt, with a great big smile like this i rushed to call georginah on the phone at work and we both couldnt speak, we were absolutely jelly legged and shocked with breathless tears of joy and happiness,.. i mean…. lost for words. Yes in deed god is great! and we appreciate the journey he has brought us in search of love and kindness he has given to us.

Thank you too also, oh so very much for the wonderful news, we appreciate your working efforts in supporting our surrogate mother suman in bringing not one but two bundles of joy into our lives, god bless new life.