New Life India -Travel tips

If your primary target to visit New Life India is for availing its world class infertility treatment and related programs, exploring India’s tourist attractions and visiting its amazingly beautiful destinations should be your immediate next target.

India has a very rich cultural heritage which a beautiful combination of the present and the past. The temples with brilliant frescoes and artwork are true revelations of its in-depth architectural styles and it speaks volumes of the artistic skills of the manpower who struggled day and night to erect structures and monuments of epic proportions. All these architectural feats well preserved or in the form of ruins have been a feast for the tourists to have a glimpse. You may well steal sometime out of your tight infertility treatment schedule and spend some productive time on exploring the cultural side of India which is a vibrant conglomeration of diverse culture, religion, languages and ethnicity.

It is in India where you will find all the four seasons in a very pronounced form manifesting their typical characteristics and color. From November end to the end of January it is winter here. February and March would summon spring with a bloom in flowering plants and a sweet fragrance in the air. The climate will be great with the sunny azure sky painted overhead. April to June will be hot summer followed by the nonstop monsoon that runs till middle of September. Autumn will follow next and it is the festive time. Especially Dusherra, Durga Puja, Deepavali and Navratri will usher in color and light and an enormous merriment can be literally felt in the air. Nowhere in the world can you enjoy an equally blissful festive season. Even if you are on an infertility program, you could make your schedule this time of the year in India to gather a colorful travelling experience.

You name it we have it all in India. Snow-capped mountain ranges with the loftiest peak in the world, pristine sea beaches and lakes, wildwoods inhabited by a diverse collection of wildlife and exquisite landscapes are all present in their majestic glory to fascinate you. Besides there are modern top grade cities and metropolises like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai and Jaipur, which will offer you a cozy and gratifying stay at reasonable prices. Hill stations like Darjeeling, Ooty, Musouri, Shimla, Sri Nagar and Mt Abu will take your breath away as would the pristine sea beaches of Goa and Kovalam.
There is ample scope of shopping as well in high end shopping malls. The major language predominantly spoken in India is Hindi with which you should get acquainted. Depending upon the purpose of your visit you will get a tourist visa for 6 months. An Indian visa comes into force the day it is issued irrespective of the date of your entry. All major cities are connected by flight. The local road, railway and waterway transportation are operative as well.