New Life India – Testimonials

For us at New Life Global Network our clients are our real assets, inspiring us to scale new heights. We’re honored to have a positive feedback from them.

Dear Dr. Mariam Kukunashvili,
Hope you doing well,

I just want to thank you for your great work with Newlife. My wife Sweta is also suffering from endometriosis (category 4) just like you. We were touched after reading about your struggle and later motivated with your final success.
We are working with Sonia and Dr. Deeksha at New Delhi center and they are great help.
The Surrogate is pregnant now and I want to take this opportunity to thank you personally.
Feel free to contact us if you feel we could be any help to your organization or mission in USA. We would be more than happy to assist you.

S&P from New Jersey , USA

“It is difficult to put into words how grateful we are to all the staff of New Life Clinic.
At the start of our surrogacy journey with New Life, we found the staff to be very understanding and compassionate. When we returned home we were so grateful to receive regular updates as to how our surrogate and babies were progressing through the pregnancy.  All of our queries, no matter how big or small were answered fully and  promptly,  which gave us great peace of mind being on the other side of the world.We still cannot believe how blessed we are to have our beautiful twins, and it is all with thanks to Dr Deeksha, and her team- particularly Sonia, Gargi and Shipra.
With our best wishes.”
Parents from Ireland.

Dear Sonia,
Warm greetings from Kuwait!
We are enjoying parenthood tremendously, Riya is such a good baby, really easy going and super cute!
We can imagine how we lived without her for so long!
She was dearly awaited and is loved by us till eternity!
We are thankful to New Life Team, Dr Deeksha and our surrogate mother Bina for this gift, words truly cannot express our gratitude, therefore, we would very much appreciate to get your assurance and some kind of confirmation that our surrogate Bina Mandal is well after the delivery.


To Sonia at new life clinic New Delhi

“After 8years of trying to have a baby including 12 failed IVF cycles, 1 unsuccessful egg donation cycle, 1 unsuccessful surrogacy cycle with another Indian based clinic and an ectopic pregnancy, our journey steered us to new life clinic in New Delhi. Dr Deeksha facilitated the transplantation of one embryo into our surrogate mother and the result was an incredibly beautiful and healthy baby girl. We are both so happy, even more so than we ever thought possible. Dr Deeksha, Sonia and the staff at New Life are very compassionate, lovely people who genuinely wanted the best possible outcome for us, our baby and our surrogate mother. It was very important to us that our surrogate mother was treated well and we are not only confident of this but also that she received the best possible medical care. We are so grateful and happy with Dr Deeksha and her staff at New Life that we have already started making plans to give our little angel a little brother or sister as soon as possible. We feel very blessed. Ben and Nicole”

Hello Sonia,

“Hope everything is fine there, we miss everyone of you. How is your family and the boys doing.  Would like to thank you and the whole member of NewLife, India, especially Dr. Deeksha for that precious gift she gave us, we enjoy every moment with Jonathan and Gregoire, we promise us and them to visit their birthland in the near future, hopefully.

Here some pictures of their first birthday, we celebrate it with joy.”


Dear Dr Deeksha and everyone at the clinic.

“How is everyone? We hope that you are well.I hope the business is still doing well.
We thought that we would email through with some photos and share how we are. The babies are now 15 months, and it is amazing how time flies. The babies are a real delight, and truly coming into their own little personalities. Oscar is a try boy. Slow to deliberate, but fast to learn and loves all things technical. Poppy is always running around, babbling orders and waving to everyone.
One of the photos shows the babies having a Pooja ceremony on their first birthday with some Hindu friends of ours. We did it with their christening as a way of celebrating where they came from and who they are.


I will leave it there. Miss you all. We hope that you enjoy the photos.
Lots of love

Iain, James, Poppy and Oscar.”

We have waited over 14 years for this magical moment, with the help of Dr deeksha and her team they have for fulfilled our dream. We tried a number of places with no luck at all until we meet Dr Deeksha who went trough our entire history and understood the issue and proceeded with the treatment required in order for us to have our child. The best Dr by far from all the others.
I would like to thank the entire team at New Life India from the bottom of our hearts.
exception thanks to Dr Deeksha, Sonia, Gargi and the medical team. Also a big thanks to Radhika for getting all our paperwork together in time.



One of our intended parents sent a picture of her newly born baby:


“New Life helped us achieve our dream of becoming a family.

We were blessed with Twins in September 2013. A son and daughter born happy and healthy. We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to the entire team for all their hard work, support and guidance through our journey.  The personal service offered made us feel grateful to be dealing with such caring professionals. Once again words cannot express our thanks enough. Without your vision and inspiration it would not have been possible. Thank you with all our hearts.”

– Kali an Bill


Today we are leaving India after a two years long journey…

We wanted to become parents for so long and new life did their best to make sure this dream will come true.
After hard ivf treatments and 2 egg donors, we received the biggest gift of all, our two amazing baby girls.
And it was all very worth it :)
This dream would have never become a reality if not for the persistence and efforts of the new life team.
Since the beginning with Matuta’s support and throughout the process with Dr Deeksha’s professionalism, Sonia’s kindness and hospitality and Gargi’s warm smiles, we felt at home away from home.
We had the pleasure of working with new life and we made some good friends for life in India.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Ravid, Lotem, David & Yossi


Dear Sonia and Dr. Deeksha,

We hope this note finds you well.  We wanted to apologize for not being able to see you before we left.  Things became a bit hectic with the visas and all and we couldn’t make it over there in time.  Here are some pictures of Anjali and Alok.


Thank you SO much for everything you did to make our dreams come true. We are indebted to you for the wonderful blessings in our lives.
Warm regards,
J and P

To the dear team of New life,

Words cannot explain how our life has changed. On the 15th January this year we were blessed by the birth of our beautiful, precious baby girl.


We have had so many difficulties in trying to have a child, that we never thought that this day would come.
It is with the most heartfelt thanks, love and appreciation that we write this to you.
The support, and constant answers to our never ending questions was remarkable throughout not only the entire pregnancy but the entire journey we went on with New life to have our baby.
Again, we feel that words are not enough to thank you for the miracle we have been blessed with. We would strongly recommend New life to anyone who would be interested in engaging with New life India for Surrogacy.

J&K – Brisbane, Australia

Dear New Life India,
I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the team at New Life India in assisting me with my 2 perfectly beautiful boys. I am truly grateful that the boys will join my gorgeous daughter who is already 1 year old.


Each of you at New Life have made this miracle possible!

Dr Deeksha, you have incredible patience and immense knowledge at times when needed. Your generosity with your time and helpfulness is truly appreciated especially answering calls out of hours and advising and assisting with aftercare medical issues in my first experience when every newborn malaise seemed huge and scary. You were there to hold my hand.

You have the expertise to make my miracle a reality with my boys, choosing the right path along the way. I shall think of you with much fondness as I see my children grow.

Ms. Sonia Arora and your team behind New Life gave much information along the way during the pregnancy and reported accurately and with speed the details of the reports. This was so important when I was halfway around the world and across opposite time zones. You offered a calmness amidst unchartered waters.

Lastly, Matuta, who was there for me from the start to the finish. You gave such reassurance during the early days. I am not sure if you know how much that meant when it all seemed so removed. There were a lot of emotional highs and lows, especially with logistic and bureaucratic tangles but you patiently guided me through it with great support.

Thank you.

T from USA

We are very thankful to the New Life India for having helped us realize our wish.Dr. Deeksha and her team run a very professional setup and they take care of all aspects of what can be a stressful and uncertain journey. We wholeheartedly recommend aspiring parents to seek their advice and care.

A couple from USA

Hi Matuta

I wanted to send you an update on our 2nd surrogacy cycle. With the grace of God and all the hard work put by the Dr. Deeksha and your team, we have been blessed with twins who were born a few days ago. A boy and a girl. Both of them are healthy and doing well.

A. B from USA

Dear Sonia,
Big thanks for your great support and I am sure that very soon we will
Celebrate the great news. Now I need your full support & care for the SM.
I would like to thank each and every member who had contributed in this success and looking forward for each & everyone’s good wishes for the successful programme till end.

Best wishes,

Hello Matuta,

We would like to thank you for all the support and attention you have given us, it is all much appreciated!

Thank you very much,
Y & D from Israel

Dear Gargi,

What wonderful news! We are thrilled beyond words and will look forward to updates throughout this journey.
We send our warmest regards and appreciation to all of you.

Thank you so much!

Hi Matuta
Hope all is well with you.
We are really well.
We loved our stay in Delhi, it was an amazing experience.
Looking forward to visititng again in 9 months (fingers crossed)
We were planning on sending you and Sonia an email today
to say a very big thank you to yourself, Miriam , Sonia and everyone
at Newlife.
We were made to feel very welcome and very comfortable in each step of the process.
We loved meeting our egg donor, she seemed like a very lovely young woman and thank her again
for your selfless act of donating.

Thank you once again for everything
Regards B. and K. from USA

Dear New Life Team,

Hope everything is going well for all of you.

We’ll need a lot of luck, but we’re hoping that the passports and exit VISA’s for the twins all come together tomorrow – Friday, 18 January. Fingers crossed.
Thought you mind like this recent photo. It didn’t turn out that great, but this was the third attempt over as many days – because, even when they’re asleep, the girls get very fussy when they aren’t completely clothed and covered. We took some better pictures with my cell phone and camcoder, but had technical difficulties getting them to download to my laptop – so this is it for now.

Thank you everyone! For everything! And especially for the two greatest gifts I will ever receive!

My heartfelt best to you all!

J. B. from Chicago, USA

Dear Matuta,
It’s midnight in Sydney. It’s now Christmas Day down under! Merry Christmas to you. All the best for the new year. It’s been a joy to have had your caring help through our journey to parenthood.
Best regards,

Dear Dr. Deeksha,
Thank you very very much for your lovely email.
Doctor, you are such great person. We love you and love all staff at Newlife India, we also love Indian people very much because they are humble , relax and down to earth.
We hope to go back again to India to meet you and all staff at Newlife India and see India the lovely country. We had very great nice experience at India.

God bless you and all Indian people

Warm regards

Dear Dr. Deeksha , Sonia , Neelam , Matuta

Thank you very very much of the great news. We are over joy when we read Sonia’s email about our surrogate mother pregnancy test which is positive.
We couldn’t sleep last night and we were checking our emails every minute. When we read the email and the lovely warm wishes from Sonia and Matuta we got very emotional which my wife cried of joy.
We couldn’t know how to express our self to thank all of New Life India and Georgia and all their staff for what have done and what they are doing to bring smile on hundreds of intended parents faces.
We are very grateful for Dr. Deeksha – Angels maker, she is really great.
Our hope now that the pregnancy get boosting and the fetus grow and healthy , good baby come to our life.
We ask you a favor that you look after our surrogate mother  because she is our hope of keeping the baby grow stronger and healthier. Please pass our regards and thanks to her and we never forget her great job that is doing for us.

Our regards to all of you and we hope that we will see you again in New Delhi in next year on God will.

We love all

Dear Matuta,
We are so grateful and lucky to have met you. You have been so kind and understanding.
Thank you so much for looking into this with such a generous spirit.

Hi Matuta,

Thanks for email, we just got home yesterday.

Our experience in India and with the clinic was really great, everything was run well and we were kept informed, and we definitely got that ‘personal’ feeling where we were never rushed out and happy to chat with us and answer any questions and discuss any issues that could arise from using egg donor/surrogacy, even when baby is older. We were very happy with Dr Deeska who we felt really wanted to help us, and after 7 years of me trying and 11 failed IVF cycles, I felt that she would love to be the Dr who made our dreams come true.

I was very happy to have chosen New Life India, and we even briefly met our egg donor who was so pretty and exactly how I imagined her.

There were no hidden surprises, everything was exactly as I was told and expected.

Now we are just praying we get good news soon!

Without the total support, encouragement, comfort and assistance, my dream of having a child would not be possible. As you are aware, I have just been told of my surrogate Manti testing positive, meaning she is pregnant. This was achieved on my first attempt, which was only possible due to your care of both the egg donor and surrogate through the process.My heart is pounding with joy, tears of excitement running through my eyes. This is no doubt the best news that has ever happened in my life.I would to personally thank each and every single one of you for all your work and care to achieve a life-long dream.
Gary – Melbourne Australia

Dear Neelam, Mariam, Staff, and Suhsma ( our surrogate mom)
Thanks for your call Neelam, and for giving us the good news, we are pregnant!!!!
We are so, so, happy, 9and excited!. From the bottom of our hearts we wanted to thank you all, for all your help!
A & J from US

Dear Neelam And Sonia,
Hi, It’s Linton Here. OH… MY… GOD!!! Really is it true, Wow. Yes, was my first expression when i heard the most fantastic news of the day.Eagerly waiting,hoping,wishing and praying for what was about to be the day of yes or no, but once again and again OH MY GOD…… TWINS!!! and on our first attempt, with a great big smile like this i rushed to call georginah on the phone at work and we both couldnt speak, we were absolutely jelly legged and shocked with breathless tears of joy and happiness,.. i mean…. lost for words. Yes in deed god is great! and we appreciate the journey he has brought us in search of love and kindness he has given to us.

Thank you too also, oh so very much for the wonderful news, we appreciate your working efforts in supporting our surrogate mother suman in bringing not one but two bundles of joy into our lives, god bless new life.

G and L from Australia

Dear New Life India,
We are elated and filled with joy with the arrival of our baby girl. Thank you for all your help and support in making our dreams come true. ‘
All the best,
A M & J M

It’s really exciting Neelam (and I have stopped say Oh My God Oh My God) :-)
I can not sleep. Fingers crossed that all goes well from now on.
How is Teesham feeling?What happens now re tests etc?
many thanks
Ant. from Australia