Shipra Kushwah

shipra-khuswahShipra Kushwah

Shipra Kushwah, a Master in Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, India, has been into business development and coordination activity into health and education industry.

In New Life India, Shipra is involved with outlining all aspects of the program to prospective egg donors and surrogate mothers. She educates them about their roles and responsibilites in great detail so they understand the full implications of their involvement. She guides prospective egg donors and surrogate mothers in the screening process and signing their agreement with New Life India. Once these steps are complete, they will begin the matching process with the assistant matching coordinator until they have been selected by doctor to start the program.

Her focus is on the continued coordination of all the various parts of the program and communication of the details to all parties involved. This also includes medications, medical and psychological appointments.