Radhika Thapar Bahl

radhikaRadhika Thapar Bahl
Legal Advisor

Radhika Thapar Bahl , a post -graduate in Law (LL.M , LL.B) from Panjab University (Chandigarh) , India has been practicing law from the last Ten (10) Years . Radhika while pursuing her studies have authored several books on law and wrote several articles in National Daily Newspaper on law. Radhika was interviewed by the National Daily- Tribune in the Year 2005 for her achievements in the field of Law. Radhika has always accepted the challenges of the field of law and it is when people were not aware of the legalities to be followed in the surrogacy arrangements, that Radhika decided to research , explore and give an insight to the Intended Parents about the legalities to be followed. After having nearly having Four (4) years of experience in the field of fertility, Radhika incorporated her own firm in Feburary, 2012 under the name of Fertility Law Care to provide extensive legal services in the field of fertility laws including surrogacy to the parents, clinics and agencies operating in India . However, prior to this, Radhika was a senior partner at surrogacy laws India and has to her credit to have assisted nearly Two Hundred (200) Parents in taking the babies back home through Surrogacy in India. Radhika is on regular basis being interviewed and consulted by medical magazines, newspaper to provide a legal outlook on surrogacy in India. Radhika is working closely with the government organizations to put across the legal concerns of parents that they face or may face while availing surrogacy services in India. Radhika believes in transparency and gives comprehensive legal counselling to the Intended Parents before they enter into a surrogacy arrangement.